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Have you made something recently ?

All humans are imbued with creativity, we all have the ability to create something. Please note; I do not limit creativity to the arts. We all have many expressions of creativity in our lives, just being a functioning human in this world is a creative act. The Navigation of the obstacles thrown at us by Corporations and Government (in the corps service) demand creativity in finding solutions to these obstructions. Finding solutions is the most common form of creativity demonstrated by humans today. Can you make food to eat? Can you read a book and talk about it with friends? Can you drive a car on crowded freeways? Do you dance? Listen to and appreciate music? Do you make music ? Even whistling a merry tune is creative. To create is to invent, make new, discover and find the joy in your life. Are you a parent boy did you create! 

My point is we are creative beings and as such we are capable of changing the world, yes changing the world! If you make something that was not in existence before you have changed the world. We are all capable of this, we all do it everyday. 

Most of us have been convinced that we are not talented or creative. We are told that art is a waste of time when we grow up. We are bombarded by propaganda telling us that we need to buy a thing to feel good, when the easiest way to feel good is to make something for yourself or for somebody else. How good do you feel making food for friends? How happy were you when you made a birthday card for your mom with your own hands? These are the drops and drips of the creative universe we live in, everyday we invent the world anew yet most miss this, we think we are just drones following orders and quietly rebelling when and where we can, to often self-destructively.

Attention! We are all creative ! Creativity has many faces and we are in dire need of this force in the world today. Look at your life carefully see your creativity, see your effect on the world, you are changing the world everyday.  

Our job is to direct these energies, to focus them in ways that benefit ourselves positively and in turn benefit the world as a whole. Remember a good deed is never wasted.

We must discover our individual selves as creative forces & our unity as humans to make this a shining world for all. Run not by a mob of chaos, but a civil society of Justice & Peace created new everyday by us.

"be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi

Mummers #3 1991 by MAK

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